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Buffalo, NY

Tel: 716-517-1346

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any ol' wedding photographer could write something here about love and the mushy-gushyness of it all, but why swim downstream? i'm here to capture those moments you never even thought could be captured. there is a difference between documentation and a photo that transcends into a higher artistic realm. this is what wayland weddings does; we create photographs to withstand the test of time much like the mushy-gushy love stuffs. 

let us be there to paint the pieces for this first day of the rest of your life

and me? i'm a dog-loving content creator with an endless drive to make something new. there is always a new angle to take, a new perspective to explore. some say i have tunnel vision but i'd say it's the ability to focus, find a way and follow through.


"Wow, you were so skinny back then!"

-some child 20 years from now looking at your wedding photos